You can pay your membership dues by Credit card. To know more, steps are shown below for your reference. We accept Credit Card and Debit Cards with the Visa and Mastercard logo.

Step 1. Fill in your name and member number. It is important to fill these in with your correct information so we can credit it to your account.

Credit Card Payment (HowTo) 1

Step 2. Put the amount due in the Price per item field.

Credit Card Payment (HowTo) 2

Step 3. Click on Pay with credit card if you do not have a Paypal account.

Credit Card Payment (HowTo) 3

Step 4. This page will capture your credit card details. It is important to fill up the details needed including an email address. Please note that we will not be storing your credit card information.

Credit Card Payment (HowTo) 4

Step 5. A confirmation page if you want to create a PayPal account. Click on Not Now to charge your credit card/debit card.

Credit Card Payment (HowTo) 5

Step 6. Paypal will charge your Credit Card/Debit Card and will take you to a confirmation page. Paypal will email you a receipt of payment.

Credit Card Payment (HowTo) 6
Credit Card Payment (HowTo) 7