Capt. Henry P. Javier Street Bo. Ugong, Pasig City
Tel. Nos. 8631-1711
Website: https://www.valleverdecountryclub.com


Club House Monday-Sunday 6:00am-10:00pm
F&B Outlets and Sport Facilities Monday-Sunday 6:00am-10:00pm
Administration Office Monday
General Cashier Monday-Sunday 8:00am-6:30pm
MIS(EDP) office Monday-Sunday 7:00am-10:00pm
F&B and Banquet Office Monday-Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm

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Corporate – may be owned by a company/corporation only.
Individual – may be owned by company and individual person including immediate family.
Playing Rights – for an individual person including immediate family.

1. Monthly Dues Php 2,500.00 (VAT inclusive)
2. Monthly Consumable Php 500.00 (not part of the dues)
3. Membership Card Php 75.00/card
4. One-day Card Php 25.00/card
1. Classification of Assignees
    a. Corporate Assignees
    b. Individual Assignees
2. Assignee Annual Processing Fee Php 5,000.00
  1. Definition of Guest
    a. Accompanied – guest
    b. Unaccompanied /Sponsored – guest with letter of introduction from the member
  2. Guest Fee
    a. Guest Card – Php 50.00 per day per sponsored guest
    b. Minimum Consumable – Php 300.00 per day per person
  3. Guidelines
    a. Members who wish to sponsor guest/s to use Club facilities must secure a Letter of Introduction from the Membership Office. In the event of non-payment of the account by the guest, the member shall be held liable for such charges to the Club.
    b. Original copy of the Letter of Introduction shall be required for all sponsored guest/s upon issuance of Guest Card. Faxed or Xerox copy of the Letter of Introduction may be honored provided it bears the original signature of the member.
    c. Dress code – All users of the sports outlets (badminton, tennis, billiards, squash, etc.) and the restaurant outlets must comply with the Dress Code outlined for the outlet.
  4. Guidelines
    a. Original copy of the Letter of Introduction from the member shall be required of all unaccompanied sponsored guest/s.
    b. Guest Fee shall be assessed to all sponsored guest/s: Guest Card at Php 50.00 per day per sponsored guest. The minimum consumable of Php 300.00 per day per person to be paid upon issuance of the Guest Card. Consumable is applicable to food & Beverage only. Only the sponsored guest may be issued a Guest Card. Any amount in excess of the required consumable must be paid in cash upon surrender of Guest Card at the end of the day.
    c. Special account number will be issued for the guest.


Club Rules

House Rules

  1. The Club does not assume any responsibility for the safety of members and/ or guest using the Club or of property belonging to members, dependents or guest.
  2. Members, their dependents or their guests must not deface any property of the Club. The replacement value of any property broken or damaged by member, dependents or guests will be charged accordingly.
  3. A member shall be held responsible for the conduct and for all expenses of his dependents and guests at the Club. Guests may not avail of the facilities of the Club if not accompanied or sponsored by a member.
  4. Pets are not allowed within the Club.
  5. Members, dependents and/or guests shall not be allowed to bring in the food or beverages for consumption within the Club premises, except with prior approval of the Club Management and payment of corresponding corkage fees.
  6. No expelled member may not be re-introduced as a guest or re-apply for membership.
  7. The conduct of members, their dependents, and guests on the Club premises will be such as expected of Ladies and Gentlemen on all occasions.
  8. Prudence must be exercised by members and dependents in bringing in guests who may not be within acceptable norms of society.
  9. Only Club notices may be placed on the Club Bulletin Board. Personal notice may not be posted without prior approval by Club Management.
  10. Club premises may not be used for the purpose of soliciting or collecting subscriptions or funds nor obtaining signatures for any political or religious purposes.
  11. Only parlor games may be played on the Club premises. Gambling and related games shall not be permitted at a time.
  12. Carrying of firearms is not permitted in the Club premises except by Club security personnel or uniformed police or military personnel while on duty. Firearms must be deposited with the Security Guard posted at the Club entrance.
  13. Members, dependents, and/or guests who are under the influence and/or possession of liquor or prohibited drugs will not be allowed to access the Club.
  14. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to or eject from Club premises any person whom the Board of Directors has declared to be persona non-grata or found to be socially unacceptable.
  15. A member who finds his chits forged or altered must report the matter to the Club Manager immediately. The Club shall not entertain report on forged or altered chits 30 days after receipt of statement.
  16. Skateboard, roller skates, playing ball, and other conduct that is dangerous or disturbing is not allowed at the Lanai or members’ areas.
  1. The following declared dependents of members may be extended privileges of the Club.
    a. Wife or husband of a member
    b. Unmarried daughters less than 35 years of age
    c. Unmarried sons less than 21 years old
    d. Parents of a member or of member’s spouse
    e. An unmarried son over 21 years old can obtain an extended dependent card at P9,000.00 per year.
  2. Dependents below 18 years of age may not bring guests to the Club.
  3. Dependents enjoying the privileges must sign their Club chits with their own signature.
  1. Any person under 21 years of age is considered a minor.
  2. Parents are responsible at all times for the good conduct of their children while in the Club premises.
  3. Restrictions:
    a. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco will not be sold to any minor.
    b. Children under 5 years are not permitted in the Club premises unless accompanied by a member or the spouse of the member or a responsible adult authorized by the member.
    c. Children under 8 are not allowed in the swimming pool unless accompanied by parents or responsible adults who must be in the water with the child at all times. At all other times, children under 8 must use the children’s wading pool.
    d. Boys over 4 are not allowed in the Ladies’ Locker, Gym and Sauna Room. They must use the Men’s Locker, Gym, and Sauna Room. Girls of any age are not allowed in the Men’s areas. They must use the Ladies’ Locker Room.
    e. No minor below 8 years will be allowed to play in the squash, tennis and badminton court unless accompanied by a guardian.
  1. A Nanny is a person who cares for a child.
  2. Nannies are not permitted in all outlets except at the wading pool, the Lanai and the children’s playground to attend to the child under her care.
  3. Nannies and/or parents must change children’s clothing at the appropriate dressing room.
  4. Nannies when accompanied by members or dependents are allowed to eat in the Lanai. They must be in proper uniform.
  1. Members or guests shall not ask employees on duty to do errands outside the Club premises.
  2. Members, dependents, and guests shall refrain from giving gratuities (tips) to any Club employees except thru the Christmas Fund in which case an official receipt will be issued by the Club.
  3. Members, dependents, and guests must refrain from reprimanding Club employees. Complaints should be submitted in writing to the Club Manager who will take appropriate action.
  4. Except for the Manager or Officers, no employee of the Club is permitted to accept the hospitality of a member without the prior approval of the Manager or Officer.
  1. Pool Area – Only bathing suits or trunks, not of cotton material is allowed.
  2. Lanai Area and Garden Café – Casual attire. No swimsuits or Sando underwear allowed.
  3. Gym – Gym attire: rubber shoes, shorts or sweat pants or shirts, tank top.
  1. Towels are available upon request. Rental fee is P25.00 per towel.
  2. Lockers – see a list of fees.
  3. Food or drinks not allowed.
  4. Gym rates: see the list of fees.

General Rules:

  • Eating, drinking, and smoking are not allowed in the court proper.
  • Dangerous rough play is not allowed in the playing area.
  • The generally recognized rules of courtesy and sportsmanship must prevail.
  • Personal Trainer of members shall be charged the prescribed guest fee and may not remain in the Club premises when the members leave.
  • A Sports Dispatcher will be provided in each sports outlet.
  • Players should register on the priority list.
  • Double registration at one time is not permitted.
  • You may only register again after you have finished and cleared the court.
  • Players not present when their turn comes up shall forfeit their slot.


The order of priority on the use of the court shall be:
1. Members
2. Spouses
3. Dependents
4. Guests

Courts available for Reservations:

Tennis Court –    1 (9:00am – 1:00pm; 2:00pm – 5:00pm; 8:00pm-10pm)
Squash Courts –    1 & 2
Badminton Courts –    1 & 2 (6:00am – 6:00pm)  –   6 (6:00am – 10:00pm)

All other courts are on 1st come 1st serve basis but subject to the established priority system. Reserved court is non-transferable to spouse/dependents.

1. Badminton
a. First come, first serve basis for Court 5
b. Point system will not be enforced for Court 5, however, a minimum of 6 points needed to be able to play.
c. Lower priority group that has started a game will be allowed to finish their game.
d. Double games have priority over single games.
e. Players who sign Court 5 may no longer sign up for Courts 1, 2, 3, 4, and vice-versa but they may use in case of a vacancy.
f.  All players must be present and ready to play at the times of signing up. No player may cue nor may be included in the set if he or she is still playing, no last minute and mid game substitution allowed unless in the case of injury of a player. In case the quorum is not complete, they must give way to the next quorum and return to the wait list to cue.
g. Players who sign up for Courts 3 & 4 are automatically on the waiting list of Courts 1 & 2 an vice-versa, and will have the option to play when any of the four (4) courts becomes available.
h. Players’ names and their respective points will be written on whiteboards for identification and prioritization purposes and will be followed strictly by dispatchers for effective communication and coordination between Courts 1-2 and Courts 3-4.
i. Member or Spouse can reserve a maximum of three (3) hours per week.


Signed chits of 50% are required upon reservation, which shall be forfeited in case the reserving party fails to use the reserved court and time or failure to arrive within 15 minutes after their reserved playing time. The reserved court and time become available to other members.


Players who have just finished a match (2 sets) may not use their priority points for an immediately succeeding set, but can opt to use them for future sets.


Players can not be included in a waiting group if they are still playing. If a player joins a group for an immediately succeeding match, the player will be given a priority point ZERO regardless of his equivalent points.

2. Tennis
a. Only Members are allowed to reserve Tennis Court 1. Spouses and dependents are not allowed. Reserved court is not transferable to spouse or dependent and may not be rescheduled. Phone call reservation is not accepted.
b. Court reservations shall be valid only for a period of one(1) month which shall be made on a first-come, first-served basis starting every 21st day of the previous month at 6:00 am. Should more than one (1) Member be present at 6:00 am, the Members will have to draw lots, facilitated by the dispatchers. Court reservations may not be rescheduled.
c. Each Member shall be allowed to reserve a court with a maximum of one (1) hour per week for that month.
d. Signed Chit of 50% is required, which shall be forfeited in case the Member fails to use his/her court at his/her designated time. Reserved court shall be deemed forfeited should members fail to appear at his/her court fifteen (15) minutes after the appointed time. The forfeited court shall be given to members who are in the waiting list.
e. On unscheduled holidays, all reservations are considered to be active.
f.  Club tournaments have priority over any individual reservation.

1. Court #1 Schedule

6:00am – 9:00am OPEN COURT
9:00am – 1:00pm RESERVATION
1:00am – 2:00pm CLEANING
2:00pm – 5:00pm RESERVATION
5:00pm – 8:00pm OPEN COURT
8:00pm – 10:00pm RESERVATION

Rules for Open Court:

1. 1st come, first-serve basis.
2. Members who have just finished a game, have to leave the court to give way for the next members in line.
3. Training is not allowed for 30 minutes only and members have to leave the court right after the session ends. Members are not allowed to have a game after the training. Doubles have priority over a single match.
4. Members’ names will be recorded for identification and line-up purposes and will be strictly followed. by the Sports Dispatcher.

3. Swimming Pool
1. All members, spouses and dependents must submit their membership card to ther locker attendant on duty for registration prior to use of the swimming pool.
2. Present the stub to the pool attendant / lifeguard.

Club Swimming Meet Tournaments are priority.



First – Member
Second – Spouse
Third – Dependent
Fourth – Guest

  1. Always get down the water feet first and give way to other swimmers occupying the same lane.
  2. Entering swimmers should allow incumbents a few laps before expecting them to give way. Incumbent swimmers have an initial right-of-way, but not a right to “own” the lane indefinitely or to insist in their own rules.
  3. Swim in the correct lane for your speed based on those already swimming. In general, faster lanes are to the left (when facing the pool, back towards the Lanai Extension) and slower lanes are to the right.
  4. Stay in your lane. Be aware of others in your lane and in the lane next to you.
  5. Lifeguards may assist you in selecting the appropriate lane or may ask you to transfer lane if your speed is dissimilar to those in your lane.
  6. Alert the lifeguard/pool attendant that you are a “serious” swimmer to prompt some extra caution on his part in maintaining the integrity of lap lanes.
  7. Resting swimmers should specifically avoid standing or floating in the middle of the lane as this interferes with swimmers “swimming through” who need to tag or flip at the wall. If the lane is crowded, other swimmers may need to rest away from the end walls along either side of the lane.
  8. Swimming pool toys such as inflatable chairs/lounger, ducks, boats, etc. are prohibited on the lap lanes. The said toys are only advisable at the Kiddie Pool.
  9. Leisure lanes will be provided whenever possible.
  10. Please refer to any concern you have while swimming to the lifeguard/pool attendant so that they can ensure that the lap lanes are running smoothly.
  11. Individuals using the swimming pool must comply with sanitary and safety regulations posted at the pool area.
  12. Smile and enjoy your workout.

Sanitary and Safety Regulations

  1. Appropriate Gear – Swimming trunks or bathing suits must be worn in the pool. Playing shorts or pants or garments of cotton materials are not allowed.
  2. Running around the pool area is not prohibited.
  3. Ball playing in the pool area is prohibited unless an authorized game is being held.
  4. Persons with sores or other evidence of skin disease as well as persons suffering from fever, cough, colds, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear charges or any communicable diseases will be barred from the pool.
  5. Individuals using the Club’s swimming pool shall comply with sanitary and safety regulations posted at the pool area and follow verbal orders from the pool supervisors or lifeguards.
  6. Metal or hard plastic and large plastic materials or toys of hazardous nature will not be permitted in the pool.
  7. Loud music may not be played in the pool area.
  8. Refreshments of any description may not be served or consumed in the swimming pool, the wading pool, deep pool or on the paved areas immediately surrounding the pool.
  1. Located on the second level of the terraces is for children’s use, it doubles up as a barbecue area for members and their dependents.
  2. The area may be reserved for special occasions and should be arranged with the Food & Beverage Department.
  3. There is no charge for the use of the area except when reserved for exclusive use.

Reservations and arrangements for private parties, banquets, conventions, or meetings must be made with the Club Food & Beverage Manager or Banquet Reservations Officer. You can call them at (63)2 86311711 local 205 or email Teresa Badilla at bqt_1@valleverdecountryclub.com. For more information, visit the website at https://www.valleverdecountryclub.com/banquet/

Tournament Courts # 1, 9, 10 P 180.00/hr.
Indoor Courts # 12, 13, 14 P 130.00/hr.
Outdoor Courts w/ lights w/o lights
Courts # 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 P 115.00/hr. P 60.00/hr.
Court # 6 P 170.00/hr. P 150.00/hr.
Guest Rate P 80.00/head
Ballboy’s Fee P 100.00/hr.
Trainer’s Fee Class A P 220.00/hr.
Class B P 200.00/hr
Class C P180.00/hr.
Training Balls P 25.00/hr.
Court Fee P 40.00
Guest Rate P 30.00/head
Courts # 1 & 2 with mat P 160.00/hr.
Courts # 3, 4, 5, 6 P 150.00/hr.
BASKETBALL COURT w/lights w/o lights
P 170.00/hr. P 150.00/hr.
Guest Rate P  80.00/head
Court Fee P 100.00
Guest Rate P 80.00/head
Member P 55.00
Guest Rate P 40.00
Member Free
Guest Rate P 100.00/head
FITNESS GYM  session monthly
Member P 85.00 P 630.00
Guest Rate P 200.00 P 2,000.00
Members only P 500.00 – first hour
P 200.00 – succeeding hours
LOCKER RENTAL  monthly annually
P 50.00 P 500.00
Member P 50.00/head
Guest Rate P 65.00/head