“Bihirang mangyari ‘to!” Maraming salamat!” These were the ecstatic words of Coach Chris, one of the winners at the MIA CUP Tennis Trainers’ Christmas Tournament last December 6, 2019.

Starting with a prayer, it was a day filled with merrymaking over friendly competition among tennis trainers. All the ballboys & dispatchers were also invited for lunch. This happened upon the initiative and generosity of spouses Ricky & Mia Manalaysay-Raz, former badminton aficionados turned tennis addicts. To them, shifting to tennis meant having new-found friends with the trainers & ball boys & jokingly telling their long-time badminton close friends that they were breaking up with them.

In between games, the couple would personally get to know the trainers & ball boys. One time they learned that one trainer, Orly, had life-threatening congenital heart disease. This prompted them to facilitate his immediate heart surgery, and through the very kind help of their close friend and fellow VVCC member, cardiologist Dr. Eric Pascual, it happened. Now, trainer Orly is healthy, strong, & is back in the tennis courts to earn a living. This is just one of the many plights of our trainers.

Sponsoring a Christmas lunch party & tourney exclusively for them is one of the many ways to give them a day to celebrate the season together. The 1st place received P6,000 & trophies; 2nd place, P3,000 & trophies; 3rd place, P2,000 & trophies.

Ricky & Mia wish for this to be held annually through different sponsoring members. Should you want to sponsor next year’s tournament, kindly contact our Sports Coordinator Roger Silong. Merry Christmas to all!

📷Ctto – Ms. Mia Manalaysay-Raz