This is to remind the General Membership of the privileges the Club may grant to guests upon invitation of a Member in good standing. Below are the guidelines in bringing guests:

1. Classification of Guest:

a) Accompanied – guest with a member

b) Sponsored – unaccompanied guest but with a Letter of Introduction from the member;

2. Guest Fee:

a) Guest Card is PHP50.00/day per sponsored guest

b) Minimum Food and Beverage Consumable is PHP300/day per sponsored guest

3. Guidelines:

a) Members who wish to sponsor guest/s to use Club facilities must secure a Letter of Introduction Form from the Membership Office. In the event of non-payment of the account by the guest, the member shall be held liable for such charges to the Club.

b) Original copy of the Letter of Introduction shall be required for all sponsored guests upon issuance of Guest Card. Faxed of photocopy of the Letter of Introduction may be honored provided it bears the original signature of the member. c) Dress Code – all users of the sports facilities, the pool and restaurant outlets must comply with the dress code appropriate for their specific areas.