8-digit Phone number adjustment

VVCCI Advisory 8-digit phone adjustment
VVCCI Advisory 8-digit phone adjustment
VVCCI Advisory 8-digit phone adjustment
VVCCI Advisory 8-digit phone adjustment

MIA CUP 2019 VVCC Tennis Trainers Christmas Tournament


“Bihirang mangyari ‘to!” Maraming salamat!” These were the ecstatic words of Coach Chris, one of the winners at the MIA CUP Tennis Trainers’ Christmas Tournament last December 6, 2019.

Starting with a prayer, it was a day filled with merrymaking over friendly competition among tennis trainers. All the ballboys & dispatchers were also invited for lunch. This happened upon the initiative and generosity of spouses Ricky & Mia Manalaysay-Raz, former badminton aficionados turned tennis addicts. To them, shifting to tennis meant having new-found friends with the trainers & ball boys & jokingly telling their long-time badminton close friends that they were breaking up with them.

In between games, the couple would personally get to know the trainers & ball boys. One time they learned that one trainer, Orly, had life-threatening congenital heart disease. This prompted them to facilitate his immediate heart surgery, and through the very kind help of their close friend and fellow VVCC member, cardiologist Dr. Eric Pascual, it happened. Now, trainer Orly is healthy, strong, & is back in the tennis courts to earn a living. This is just one of the many plights of our trainers.

Sponsoring a Christmas lunch party & tourney exclusively for them is one of the many ways to give them a day to celebrate the season together. The 1st place received P6,000 & trophies; 2nd place, P3,000 & trophies; 3rd place, P2,000 & trophies.

Ricky & Mia wish for this to be held annually through different sponsoring members. Should you want to sponsor next year’s tournament, kindly contact our Sports Coordinator Roger Silong. Merry Christmas to all!

📷Ctto – Ms. Mia Manalaysay-Raz



Valle Verde Country Club, Inc. would like to thank the parents and their children for  making the Halloween Trick or Treat a success! Kids of all ages came charging in with their best costumes! They’ve had lots of treats and went home with smiles on their faces! Kudos also to the parents who took time to dress-up their little monsters! The Club Management would also like to thank  the sponsors for their give-aways and the Club employees for their hardwork, dedication & malasakit! Again, maraming salamat everyone!!!!


This is to remind the General Membership of the privileges the Club may grant to guests upon invitation of a Member in good standing. Below are the guidelines in bringing guests:

1. Classification of Guest:

a) Accompanied – guest with a member

b) Sponsored – unaccompanied guest but with a Letter of Introduction from the member;

2. Guest Fee:

a) Guest Card is PHP50.00/day per sponsored guest

b) Minimum Food and Beverage Consumable is PHP300/day per sponsored guest

3. Guidelines:

a) Members who wish to sponsor guest/s to use Club facilities must secure a Letter of Introduction Form from the Membership Office. In the event of non-payment of the account by the guest, the member shall be held liable for such charges to the Club.

b) Original copy of the Letter of Introduction shall be required for all sponsored guests upon issuance of Guest Card. Faxed of photocopy of the Letter of Introduction may be honored provided it bears the original signature of the member. c) Dress Code – all users of the sports facilities, the pool and restaurant outlets must comply with the dress code appropriate for their specific areas.

Oktoberfest at Valle Verde Country Club, Inc.

UP Varsity Swim Team trains at Valle Verde Country Club


Some snapshots taken during the two-day swim event of 2019 PSI SHORT COURSE GRAND PRIX Qualifying Series LEG 1 (NCR)

Thurman and Pacquiao Fight

The Club’s live feed of the Pacquiao-Thurman Bout at the Lanai last July 20, 2019, was another resounding success. It was well attended by members with all the tables available fully reserved and occupied. Members were feted with a line-up of delectable and luscious food coming from the Chef’s kitchen. All went well with Pacquiao winning a split decision over Thurman. See you in the next fight!



How to transfer your share/s properly in accordance with the Club’s By-Laws

SEC.     8

(a) Resignation or Death of Proprietary Member – A  Proprietary Member desiring to resign must deliver to the Membership & Auction Committee his Proprietary Membership Fee Certificate together with his letter of resignation. The Board shall direct that the Certificate be sold at auction by the Membership and Auction Committee in accordance with the provisions of Sec. 3 hereof. After the sale, the name of the successful bidder shall be posted for at least 30 days prior to submitting his name for election by the Board. The membership of the former owner ends upon the bidder’s election to membership.

In the event of death of a Proprietary Member, his Membership Fee Certificate may, with the approval of the Board of Directors, be acquired by any of the exclusive heirs of the deceased (who must be above 21 years of age; or if below 21 years old, must have been assisted by a legal guardian duly appointed by the Court for the purpose) as designated or agreed upon by said heirs, Provided that if said heirs fail to so designate or agree within three months as to who shall succeed to the Proprietary Membership Fee Certificate of the deceased the rights of the certificate shall be auctioned in the same manner as a resigning member, Provided further that pending such designation the deceased’s membership certificate is not entitled to a vote, Provided lastly, that the members of his family alluded to in Par. 7 hereof may still enjoy the privileges guaranteed by said section so long as said family members are all above 21 and below 26 (if male, or 35 if female) years of age, or if minor, assisted by a judicial guardian.

(b) Transfer of Certificate by Proprietary Member – The transfer, sale or cessation or assignment of Membership Fee Certificates shall be valid and recognized by the Club, upon completion of all the following requisites: (1) The owner or transferee thereof shall deliver to the Membership Committee his Certificate duly endorsed to the assignee or transferee, (2) The transferee’s name will then be posted for at least 30 days; (3) after the posting and making certain that the member has paid in full all his accounts with the Club, the Membership and Auction Committee shall submit the transfer to the Board for the election of the transferee. The transfer, sale, cession or assignment shall become valid and effective, and the membership of the transferee begins and that of the transferor terminates, only on the date the same is approved and the transferee is elected by the Board. A new certificate shall be issued in the name of the new owner on the basis of the old certificate, duly endorsed by the transferor, provided that lost certificate shall not be transferred unless the fact of such loss shall have been first established under the procedure provided in Sec. 32 hereof, after which the membership fee certificate, even if subsequently presented, shall be deemed cancelled and void, and a new certificate may be issued to the transferor, or to the transferee upon the latter’s election.